Pediatric Bladder and Bowel Program

Every child has their own physical developmental schedule. That is especially true when it comes to bladder and bowel control. Bedwetting at night and accidents during the day can be a natural part of the maturing process after potty training. At the same time, we want parents to be aware that physical therapy may help your child’s bladder or bowel control issues that are causing concern.

Bladder Control and Constipation in Kids

If your child is two to five years old and still needs to wear a pull-up at night to keep the bed dry, they have plenty of company. Many children take longer to gain bladder control during sleep than when they are awake. Wetting accidents can even continue during the day during these years as they are learning to make bathroom visits a priority over playtime. Most children gain full bladder control by the age of five.

Constipation can also be a problem for some children. Each individual has their own bowel regularity, which can vary from 1-3 times a day to only 1-3 times a week. In most cases, the bowel issue needs to be handled to gain bladder control. Physical therapy can improve regularity of bowel movements and bladder control for many children.

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Child Bedwetting Can be fixed with Physical Therapy

Pediatric Bladder and Bowel Control Program

If lack of bladder control goes beyond an appropriate age or your child deals with constipation issues, it is wise for parents to ask for help. Our pelvic floor physical therapists have developed a Pediatric Bladder and Bowel Control Program that has been very effective with children.  Each plan is custom designed for the individual child. The plan may include:

  • Both child and parent participation
  • Modifications in diet
  • Behavior modifications
  • A visual biofeedback system

Many times, these “bathroom” issues are a matter of properly educating children on how their bodies work and giving them the tools they need to take control of their daily habits.

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