A Gut Reaction

Trust Your Gut: How Visceral Manipulation can be the missing link for improving your pain

Your organs are one of the keys to health and vitality but often are not thought about unless you have abdominal pain or digestive issues. Our bodies are built for mobility and that includes our organs. For each organ to do its job it must have the ability to move or what we would call “visceral mobility”. When conditions arise that prevent this natural movement of our organs it can impede their normal function and wellness of your body as a whole. All of our body movement stems from our core, if there is tension or limitations to our organs, they can send signals to limit movement in other parts of our body.

So, what can cause these limitations?
Different factors like stress, surgeries, trauma, overuse, infection can cause dysfunction in the ability of the structures to move within themselves and amongst other organs.

Mobility issues of hollows organs such as the stomach and intestines can interfere with digestion, absorption, and elimination. Depending on the area of restriction symptoms can vary from person to person. Some may experience pressure, heartburn, nausea after eating, back pain, bloating/gas, impaired breathing patterns just to name a few.

Visceral manipulation is a form of manual therapy that supports the body’s ability to release restrictions present and reduce compensation patterns that cause patient’s pain. This technique evaluates the entire body to discover the source of the problem, not just the site of pain. When decreased motion in the viscera (organ) is found the therapist applies specific techniques to address these dysfunctional patterns. When the restriction is release and the viscera is no longer bound down, the body can then move with greater ease and improved health.

So, who can benefit from this technique? With everything in our body being interconnected almost everyone can benefit from visceral manipulation. If you have been dealing with chronic pain, myofascial pain, constipation, GERD, Chron’s disease, whiplash, trauma, endometriosis, pelvic pain, post-op scar tissue, just to name a few.

We often refer to visceral manipulation as the “missing link” in the treatment of recurring musculoskeletal pain, postural and biomechanical dysfunction. A therapist must be specifically trained in visceral manipulation for best results to occur. Apex has several highly qualified therapists trained in this manual technique and ready to improve your overall visceral function.

So, trust your gut!

Have you been dealing with lingering symptoms and not finding luck with resolving them?

Maybe visceral manipulation will be your “missing link” for improving your pain. Don’t be afraid to give it a try today!

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