Try Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy to Combat Congestion

A step by step guide to improve your sinuses and clear congestion

It’s the time of year again that allergies can really start becoming a problem from runny nose and plugged ears to head congestion and sinuses pressure. They all can be very painful and bothersome, but did you know that Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a very effective way to help combat this? Manual Lymphatic drainage is a very gentle, non-invasive skin stretching technique that helps to stimulate the lymphatic system allowing for areas of congestion to drain. MLD on the face and neck is extremely relaxing and may be very helpful to alleviate sinus congestion.

Having a professional manual lymphatic drainage massage effectively supports your lymph system, however, this DIY technique is a good alternative.

* Make sure to always keep your fingers nice and relaxed and use light pressure, enough to just stretch the skin.

** If you have an active fever check with your physician before proceeding.

Step 1

Place your fingertips on the top side of your collarbone just to the outside of where they meet your breastbone. Lightly stretch the skin towards the breastbone three times then move your fingers towards your shoulders (keeping your fingertips above the collar bone) and skin stretch towards the midline three times.

Manual Lymph node Drainage Step 1

Step 2

Place your fingers on the side of your neck, keeping the outer edge of your pinky at a 45-degree angle below your ear and lightly stretch down three-five times. This may have two positions depending on the size of your hands on your neck.

Manual Lymph node Drainage Step 2

Step 3

Place your fingers in front of your ears so your fingertips are just below your jawbone and gently skin stretch towards your ears three – fives times.

Manual Lymph node Drainage Step 3

Step 4

Move your fingers up to your temples and skin stretch at an angle towards your ears three – five times.

Manual Lymph node Drainage Step 4

Step 5

Place fingers on your forehead with pinky fingers side by side and lightly skin stretch towards your temples three-five times.

Manual Lymph node Drainage Step 5

Step 6

Place fingers over your cheeks and lightly skin stretch towards your ears three-fives times.

Manual Lymph node Drainage Step 6

Step 7

Lastly, repeat #3 and #1 to rinse.

Manual Lymph node Drainage Step 7

If you are experiencing pain in your teeth with your sinus pressure you can also place your fingertips just above your top lip and skin stretch out toward your cheeks. (As if you are running your fingers along your mustache.) and just below your bottom lip and skin stretch toward your chin.

If you don’t want to DIY feel free to contact us to book a lymphatic drainage massage.

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