Bedwetting Solutions: Finding the Trigger to your Child’s Bedwetting

Ways to help your child with bed wetting

What are some of your best memories in your childhood?

For me it was my first sleepover, going to summer camp, or spending the weekend with grandparents. However, for some children they may be very hesitant in these situations in fear that they may wet the bed.

Bedwetting, or nocturnal enuresis affects 15% of girls and 22% of boys and can be very embarrassing and frustrating for both the child and the parent. By the age of 5 most children gain control of their bladder. For some children once “potty trained” will not have any issues with accidents, some may be dry during the day and night for a while and accidents may start, and for some they may always have accidents here and there.

The exact cause of what could be causing your child’s bedwetting is not always completely understood but there definitely are some “triggers” that could be contributing to bedwetting. It is very important to know that your child is not trying to wet the bed on purpose and punishing your child could make their symptoms worse.

Here are some simple strategies that you can try with your child to see if symptoms improve.

Child Bedwetting Can be fixed with Physical Therapy

Make sure you child takes the time to empty their bladder!! (If you notice your child is in and out of the bathroom within 1 min or less chances are they didn’t take the time to fully empty their bladder) Some suggestions would be having your child sing a song while sitting on the toilet, set a timer to have them sit there for a couple minutes. This becomes very important when your child uses the bathroom before bed to make sure they are going to sleep on an empty bladder.

Regular BM!!! The number one cause to bedwetting it constipation. Tips would be to keep a poop chart keeping track of when you child has a BM, was it hard/soft, were they having to strain. Did you child complain about their tummy hurting or have you noticed a change in their attitude? Increase their water intake and have your child use the bathroom after all meals when they are more likely to have a BM.

Bathroom Schedule!!! It is important to keep your child on a regular routine of going to the bathroom every couple hours to prevent them from holding to long and to keep their kidney’s functioning properly.

Stay Positive!!! Although it is a frustrating time for both you and your child it is important that your family is supportive and keeps a positive attitude about things. Celebrate the accomplishments (dry nights) and uses reward system to encourage your child along the way.

If these strategies do not work or you are overwhelmed of where to start Physical Therapy is always another option and great addition to finding the source of what could be causing your child’s bedwetting.

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