Creating Stillness for the Autonomic Nervous System

Unveiling the Daily Deluge: How Our Brains Navigate 35,000 Decisions

Our brains make 35,000 decisions on average every day. What to wear, what to eat, what time you want to leave in the morning, do you want coffee or not, the food you put on your plate, what activities will you complete today….the list goes on and on.
We live in a fast-paced society and it is important for our bodies to rest and reduce stress as best as we can.

Our Autonomic nervous system is made up of 2 systems:

  • Sympathetic: fight, flight or freeze.
  • Parasympathetic: Rest and digest

It is important for our bodies to slide of the scale of our sympathetic and parasympathetic systems throughout our day. Most Americans live in the sympathetic state and have difficulty returning to the calming parasympathetic state.

Relaxation Tools Unleashed: Exploring the Benefits of the Still Point Inducer

One tool our craniosacral therapists use at Apex Physical Therapy & Wellness is called a still point inducer. The still point inducer is an easy way to calm your autonomic nervous system and return to the parasympathetic state.

It has multiple benefits including:
• Reduce stress and increase vitality
• Relieve headaches and migraines
• Ease chronic musculoskeletal pain
• Enhance immune system efficiency
• Facilitate your body’s self-correcting abilities

You may purchase a still-point inducer at Apex. If you want one immediately, you may be able to make your own from simple items in your house! Get ready for a DIY and relaxation after! Your autonomic nervous system will thank you!

Creating a DIY Still Point Inducer: Crafting Your Path to Autonomic Balance

Also for additional reading and the benefits check out this article from the Upledger Institute! Our craniosacral-trained therapists complete courses and their certifications through Upledger.

Follow the simple steps below:

  • Take 2 tennis balls, wool dryer balls, or same-sized stress balls
  • Find a longer tube sock
  • Place both balls in the sock and tie a knot
Still Point Inducers

Yay! You’ve made your still point inducer now go on and use your creation!

Directions for Use:

  • Choose a comfortable but firm surface; sofa, bed or floor and lie on your back
  • Place your fingers on both sides of the back of your neck and slide them up to where they meet the base of your skull. Continue to slide your fingers a little further up onto the boney ridge at the bottom of your head.
  • Place the Still Point Inducer under this area and allow the weight of your head to rest upon it.
  • Relax, take a few breaths and let the Still Point Inducer do its intended job of providing you with many therapeutic benefits.
  • Feel free to use the Still Point Inducer for 10-20 minutes up to four times a day, starting with 10 minutes one time per day.

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Written by:

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Brain Injury Specialist

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