DIY Lymph Node Drainage for Allergy Relief

DIY Manual Lymph Drainage to relieve allergy symptoms.

What causes allergies anyway… tiny grains of pollen from trees, grasses, crops, weeds etc. become airborne. Once inhaled these irritating invaders enter your respiratory system triggering allergy and asthma symptoms that affect over 50 million people in the US alone.

One non-chemical way to help your body rid itself of some of those allergy symptoms is through Manual Lymphatic Drainage of the neck and face.

The lymphatic system is critical to proper immune function. The purpose of MLD is to stimulate the lymphatic system to move lymph through the lymphatic vessels and nodes.

Try these steps that include gentle rhythmic strokes along the skin of the face, from midline outward. Treating the entire head is much more effective but even with this protocol, you will definitely get some relief. As always with MLD, the emphasis is on gentle movement along the skin not pressure down into the tissues.

The best results come from receiving MLD from another practitioner, but I occasionally perform a quick self-MLD on my own face. A slightly abbreviated version of self-lymphatic drainage is easy for almost anyone to do!

DIY Lymph Drainage

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