Massage and MVA

Why Try Massage after a MVA?

In previous blogs, I have already talked about the benefits of massage for all populations.

The benefits are no different but may be more significant if you have recently experienced an auto accident. With any auto accident, big or small, your body will still go through some sort of trauma.

Most people will also experience some sort of shock, or fight, flight, or freeze response. This response is immediate, but it can also be long-lasting.

From my experience in the massage therapy industry, it is very evident that our bodies hold onto trauma and injuries in various places, in different ways. Sometimes this is stored pain from emotional distress, but it can also be physical distress as well. Often in auto accidents, you do not often feel the full effect of your injuries until the next day, or even in the weeks after the accident.

This is the biggest reason why it is highly recommended to see a doctor the day of your accident, if possible, to be evaluated by a medical professional. This not only helps your case with filing insurance, but also can be helpful if the doctor deems some testing, imaging, or medications may be helpful before you leave their office.  

How Massage can be beneficial to Survivors of Motor Vehicle Accidents.

In almost any case of an auto accident, being referred for massage therapy by your doctor will be beneficial. Seeing a massage therapist in the weeks or months after an auto accident will help calm your nervous system back to normal and then help your body process and work through the pain caused by the impacts.

In the case of an auto accident, your massage therapist will recommend starting with more gentle work first. This would include relaxation techniques and possibly lymphatic drainage and craniosacral therapy as well. As your body heals, that will be when your massage therapist recommends starting to work into deeper tissue techniques, working through trigger points and adhesions that could have been caused by the accident.

By far, the most common injury in auto accidents is whiplash. This affects nearly all of the muscles of the neck but also includes muscles of the chest/pectoral area, and shoulder and back muscle groups as well. Unfortunately, with whiplash being the most common injury, the most common post-auto accident symptom is headaches and migraines. The sooner that you start working with a massage therapist to manage these symptoms, the more effective their work will be in recovering from whiplash long-term and preventing headaches and migraines from becoming long-lasting symptoms.

To get the best possible outcome in recovery, work with a physical therapist to ensure that your muscles are being strengthened to their optimum potential.

If you or someone you know was recently in an auto accident and hasn’t sought treatment yet, contact the experts at Apex Physical Therapy & Wellness Center in your area. I work in the West Fargo office and am looking for new patients.

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