Does Your Workstation Fit?

Most don’t think of an office or desk job as strenuous.

Doing the same thing over and over for extended periods of time can have a strain on the body and can lead to headaches, neck pain, back stiffness/pain, as well as forearm and wrist pain.

Make sure your workstation ‘fits’ you to help support your body throughout the day.

Your Chair

Your Chair
  • Adjustable height so your feet can be flat on the ground with elbows resting at a 90° bend on the desk. If your chair is too high, a footrest might be necessary. Be aware of your choice of footwear as well.
  • 5 legs at the base for stability.
  • The adjustable back should be set so you can sit upright and allow for the natural ‘S’ curve through your spine. Alternating between your chair and a medicine ball can help keep your spinal stability muscles in shape.

Your Keyboard and Mouse

Your Keyboard and Mouse
  • These should be positioned directly in front of you. Your forearms and wrists should be supported on the desk or armrests with relaxed elbows in line with your shoulders.
  • Mouse pads with gel support help.
  • Wireless keyboards and a wireless mouse are easier to adjust and move.

Your Monitor and Screen

Your Screen
  • Eyeline should be in top 1/3 of screen.
  • Should be arms length away.
  • Have regular eye breaks every 20 minutes.
  • Blue light glasses can also help with eye strain.

Other Equipment

Other Equipment
  • Using a headset can prevent neck strain instead of holding phone between your ear and shoulder.
  • A standing desk is a great option to break up sitting time. Adding an anti-fatigue mat to this set up makes this a great alternative to sitting.

Following proper office ergonomics can help minimize strain on your body.

One important thing to remember is to ‘sit less, move more’ to prevent pain, no matter how well your desk is set up.

Stretching throughout the day or just getting up for a short walk to fill a water bottle is a great way to break up the monotonous office tasks.

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