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How to approach sex after menopause

Sex After Menopause

Understand the importance of pelvic health and potential solutions for managing these challenges.
Have a DPT on your team

DPT Advocacy

The benefits of adding a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) to your healthcare team.
PT helps with constipation

7 Ways PT Relieves Constipation

How physical therapy alleviates constipation through pelvic floor rehabilitation, posture improvement, abdominal massage, and more. Improve your bowel health today!
Lie down for better Osteoporosis care

Osteoporosis-Go Ahead, Lie Down!

Learn the benefits of lying down during rest breaks to enhance your osteoporosis treatment. Find out how this simple change can make a difference in your bone health.
Texting causing too much neck pain?

Text Neck

Say goodbye to neck pain caused by screen time with the experts at Apex Physical Therapy. Learn more about text neck and how we can help you find relief.
What do to after a concussion

Top 4 Things you Can Do, Post Concussion

Concussions can happen anywhere, from sports, auto accidents or work accidents. If you or someone you know has a head injury, treating a concussion the right way is a vital step to recovery.
Getting back to sex - after your baby

BACK in the Sack!

Getting cleared for all activities, including sex, is an important and healthy part of life after the baby.
The male pudendal nerve and cycling.

About the Pudendal Nerve in Cyclists

A popular activity and sport, cycling has some drawbacks on the male pelvic floor. If you or someone else in your life are experiencing a pelvic floor dysfunction read on.
Hey! Drink your fish oils!

Omegas and Brain Health

Omegas and fish oils are a part of a healthy diet... make sure you stay healthy and incorporate this in your diet.
Golf and Physical therapy treatments

With Another Spring, Comes a New Swing

Time, aging, and other factors can make getting back into the full swing of golf a little sticky. Follow our DPT Kameron's tips of golfing and keeping healthy during the spring and summer golf season.
IBS Month is April

IBS… So now what?

Physical therapy and visceral manipulation both may help relieve your IBS symptoms. About 15% of the population suffers from IBS.
Treatment after the breast cancer is gone

Surviving Breast Cancer AFTER The Cancer is Gone.

More people are surviving cancer diagnosis and treatment, health care professionals are taking a deeper look at the effects of these treatments (and continued medication use) on the body and the quality of life of each individual FOLLOWING treatment.

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