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Aging Gracefully - talk to your PT or doctor to see how you can age gracefully

Aging Gracefully

You can continue to improve your life as you age by integrating good sleep, exercise and social activities.
Stretches for back to school

Back to School Stretches

Gearing up with Back to School backpacks, pencils, and paper have your kids add some stretches in their daily routine.
Getting back to sex - after your baby

BACK in the Sack!

Getting cleared for all activities, including sex, is an important and healthy part of life after the baby.
Love your uterus and everything about it

Love Your Uterus

Your Uterus is an amazing organ, in Latin it means womb and is a sacred and spiritual center for life.
Zach the Elf trying to hurt his back

Holidays and Low Back Pain

You might be experiencing more low back pain than usual. Especially this time of year, when you're dashing through the snow.
Interesting Christmas gifts at Apex PT and Wellness

Top Christmas Gift Ideas that can be Purchased at Apex

Who would have thought that you can score some pretty nifty Christmas gifts at a physical therapist's office? Everyone, right? We've got some creating health-related unique gift options including massage certificates, essential oils, probiotics and more.

How to Stay Active this Thanksgiving Day

Let’s be honest, Thanksgiving is going to look very different for most people this year, but if there is one thing that will likely stay the same, it will be eating plenty of food!
The male pudendal nerve and cycling.

About the Pudendal Nerve in Cyclists

A popular activity and sport, cycling has some drawbacks on the male pelvic floor. If you or someone else in your life are experiencing a pelvic floor dysfunction read on.

What the Plog?

It might sound weird, but plogging is a great way to stay healthy and save the environment while jogging.
Hey! Drink your fish oils!

Omegas and Brain Health

Omegas and fish oils are a part of a healthy diet... make sure you stay healthy and incorporate this in your diet.
Finding the best running shoe

Running with the right shoes

Why do we need running shoes? There're plenty of good reasons and making sure our feet are secure, stable and comfortable when we run are just a few.
apex fun day!

Fun in the Workplace

Fun in the Workplace? Here are some ways that Apex PT Wellness has been integrating more fun for our employees!
Preparing for another soccer season

Soccer Season Preparation

This soccer season may be a little different with COVID 19 delaying the season, or postponing practices, here are some drills you can work on at home.
Have you reached your Apex this summer solstice?

Reaching Your “Apex”!

Are you striving for your peak performance? Did you know that you can use PT for more than just pain and injury? Talk to a PT today for sports optimization.

Men's Health Week 2020

Each year, Men’s Health Week is celebrated with Wear Blue Friday, the Friday before Father’s Day. This year Wear Blue Friday is on June 19, 2020.
Golf and Physical therapy treatments

With Another Spring, Comes a New Swing

Time, aging, and other factors can make getting back into the full swing of golf a little sticky. Follow our DPT Kameron's tips of golfing and keeping healthy during the spring and summer golf season.
IBS Month is April

IBS... So now what?

Physical therapy and visceral manipulation both may help relieve your IBS symptoms. About 15% of the population suffers from IBS.

Just Breathe

It's important to remember to breathe. Here are some tips for deep breathing for stress management.
Spring is here - are you ready?

Spring is Here!

Spring is (finally) here in the Fargo area. Here's some ways to get out and enjoy.
beating the winder blah

Beating the Winter Blah

Yeah, winter can be tough. But make sure you're staying active at the gym, in the community or more to combat Winter blah.
You might be doing kegels wrong, or you shouldn't even be doing them.

Its More than Just Kegels!

More than Kegels, we assess muscle tone and tightness, surrounding muscles and more to find out if Kegels are right for you.
Treatment after the breast cancer is gone

Surviving Breast Cancer AFTER The Cancer is Gone.

More people are surviving cancer diagnosis and treatment, health care professionals are taking a deeper look at the effects of these treatments (and continued medication use) on the body and the quality of life of each individual FOLLOWING treatment.
5 stretches you can do anywhere

5 Easy Stretches you can do anywhere

Come Fall most of us will be even more sedentary than normal, longer work hours, sitting in school, driving or attending football games. Here are 5 EASY stretches you can do anywhere.
ASTYM is a tool used to treat scar tissue

What is ASTYM?

The evaluator. The localizer. And the Isolator. WWE wrestlers or ASTYM techniques?

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